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 Why don't dey play the jammy in the daytime
 People think it's slammin' plus the rhyme
 Is hot an got me tunin'
 The afternoon is FM in the PM
 Oh if that they could see 'im
 Out-of-towner not down I think they'll dis him
 Up goes the season, pop goes the weasel
 Damn gimme rap no band I want some x-clan
 I know dey even got it from the giddy
 Stacked in the back
 Only black radio station in the city
 Programmed by a sucker in a suit
 Slick back hair he don't even live here
 Raps the number one pick so I draft it
 I don't care about all the other demographics
 When the quiet storm come on I fall sleep
 What dey need is Arbitron on the funky jeep
 Too bad it's goin' on in fact my word is bond
 To pull a disappearin' act attack until he gone
 The whacker jam he play they pay I'm in da day
 I don't think we gonna miss 'im we don't need 'im anyway