About Thijs Bakker

Sparring Partner to the Program Management. Specialized in Contest, Major Promotions, Morningshows and Music Formats.

Consultant at Talpa Radio

Consultant at Radio 538

Consultant at NRW

Europe’s largest radiostation with a daily-reach of 5,1M and a marketshare of 32,9% (14-49) in Nordrhein-Westfalia Germany.

Consultant at Sky Radio

Consultant at BP&R

(Broadcast, Programming & Research

Consultant at Stingray Music

Hitradio FFH

Sky Radio Group

Music Director Working in Naarden (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Kassel (Germany) Great time with this classy product. In my time at Sky Radio 101 FM the highest Marketshare in The Netherlands was 13,6% in october 2002 (CLO)

Radio 10 FM