Old picture – NAB 1988

Way back in ’88 at pirate radiostation Keizerstad we had to spend some black money. Keizerstad was a powerfull illegal radiostation in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Ad Roland who was a radio-guru in that time listened a lot to our station.  Ad told us there was a great broadcast convention in Las Vegas every year. We were convinced.  Let’s go! There were only a vew people from Europe at the NAB in ’88. We bought Selector and a great new jingle-package, D.V.I., Digital Voice Identification. It sounded like K-K-K-Keizerstad, 9-9-9-5-8. Now that was something different than the old fashioned sung jingles we had back then. I think that Keizerstad was the first station in Europe that bought Selector, we as DJ’s, who were used to pick our own music, hated it…

It was great to meet Ad, we flew back together from Las Vegas to Amsterdam and during that long flight we had lots of things to talk about. In 1991 i joined his company and had a great time working together with him. I learned so much from him about radioprogramming.

Besides visiting the NAB we had plenty of time to gamble, drink Tequila Sunrise and spend that black money. 😉   On this picture, f.l.t.r.: Gerrie van de Velden, Paul Vermeer, Geno van Rijken, Thijs Bakker