Nik Goodman's 10 Essential Elements of Great Radio

1. Great On-Air Talent

  • Employ the best morning show talent you can afford
  • Develop the real characters within your talent and some fun comedy characters
  • Make sure you have talent on your station that shapes public opinion

2. Imaginative Music Programming

  • Keep the music fresh and the listeners interested with special ‘themed weekends’
  • Sprinkle the output with fun and engaging daily music features
  • Highlight and reinforce your stations core sound / core artists with exclusive previews and premieres

3. Creative Promotions

  • Run promotions that listeners want to get involved with and are interested in listening to… even if they don’t take part!
  • Create promotions that your listeners want to tell their friends and family about
  • Extend the promotion into other media and find suitable partners to maximise your impact

4. Listener Focused

  • Closely define your target audience and be absolutely focused on delivering radio for them
  • Get to know as much as possible about your target listeners. By truly understanding them, you can create the radio they want
  • Care passionately about your listeners. Be your listener’s best friend!

5. Be Local

  • Make your station an essential part of everyday life in your area. Deliver great local news and information. Being really local is immensely powerful
  • Champion the area you broadcast to! Your station should be the Number 1 cheerleader for all the places it broadcasts to. Your station loves living there!
  • Reflect local issues and concerns and even take on local causes being the focal point of any campaigning

6. Outstanding Benchmarks

  • Create benchmarks that listeners want to come back to you for time and time again. Make unmissable radio!
  • Develop some specific ‘listener appointments’ at key times across different dayparts
  • Become famous for a specific benchmark, so that listeners say “I love that station, because they do… insert your own brilliant benchmark here!”

7. Be Consistent

  • We live in a complicated and unpredictable world. Give listeners what they want and expect from your radio station, and they’ll trust and rely on you
  • Resist the temptation to change things for the sake of change
  • Brand building takes time. Be patient!

8. Be Surprising

  • Consistency doesn’t have to be boring! Don’t give listeners the chance to get bored with your station or allow them to feel you are mundane
  • Regularly do something different or give familiar content a little ‘spike’ or twist
  • Occasionally, you should do something that makes your listeners turn up the radio to make sure they heard it correctly!

9. Be Unique

  • The world is full of ‘sound-a-like’ radio stations. Make yours stand out from the crowd
  • Encourage unique presenters that having something to say. Your talent should differentiate you every time
  • Create radio that hasn’t been heard before in your market with new shows, features and promotions

10. Power of Emotion

  • Radio is brilliant at conveying the full range of human emotions. Encourage your presenters to explore this on air. Don’t let them be boring!
  • Allow listeners to show sadness or anger as well as happiness and joy

‘Contrast’ provides a far more interesting dynamic to your station. Use it and your station will stand out from the crowd